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Displayed Pricing

Would you like to include estimated S&H charges in the price?

Remember, any included shipping & handling charges are estimates only, based on the seller's shipping rates and policies. Estimations typically reflect single item economy shipping within the continential United States. Estimates usually reflect extended and "permanent" free S&H offers, but not limited time discounts, coupons, or special S&H offers.

In the end, shipping & handling charges quoted by the seller on their site and/or sales page will govern the purchase of any video game.

Got that? Good. So would you like to include S&H charges in the price?

Heck yeah!

No thanks - sounds too complicated.

Would you like to factor future store credit and gift card offers into the game's price?
For example, if a game costs $50 and the seller is offering a $10 store credit towards a future purchase, the factored price is $40 ($50 - $10 = $40). Factored prices will then be used to determine a game's best price, although the game's actual price will be displayed.



Content Restrictions

When browsing or searching by platform, would you like to include backward compatible games with your results?
For example, GBA games will be listed with DS results, Gamecube games will be listed with Wii results, etc. (Details.)



Would you like to include mainstream sport franchises with your results?
Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.



Yep, but not when I'm browsing or sorting results by price.

Would you like to include demos and samplers with your results?
Official XBox Magazine demo discs, Playstation Jampacks, etc.



Yep, but not when I'm browsing or sorting results by price.

Would you like to include movies and videos with your results?
UMD movies, Gameboy Advance Videos, etc.



Yep, but not when I'm browsing or sorting results by price.

Would you like to include add-ons and expansions with your results?
This preference applies to add-ons/expansions that can only be played if you also own the core game.



Yep, but not when I'm browsing or sorting results by price.

Would you like to include marketplace listings (Glyde, Half.com, etc)?
Including marketplace listings will make for more results, but excluding these listings will allow you to avoid potential issues associated with individual sellers.

Include marketplace listings.

Exclude marketplace listings.

Condition Restrictions

What's your condition preference?

New or Pre-Owned - either is fine by me.

New only - I'm a fickle grubber.

Any New, or Pre-Owned Carts/Cards only (no Pre-Owned scratchable media).

Grubber Gamer is constantly grubbing online retailers, marketplaces and speciality stores, looking for the best video game deals and discounts.

We do all the work - comparing video game prices and looking for video game sales - so you don't have to.

Make grubbing easier by setting your personal preferences. You can limit results to games in new condition, include store credit and gift card offers - even screen out stuff like demo discs and expansion packs.

Build a wish list of games and share it with your friends, family, and anyone else who owes you money. It's just a matter of setting up your free Grubber Gamer account.

With Grubber Gamer's Grubber Alerts, you can tell us what you think a game is worth - we'll let you know when the video game is available for the price you're willing to pay!

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Customize your grubbing experience!

Current preferences:

• Do not include S&H in the price.
• Include backward compatible games.
• Include franchise sports games.
• Include demo/samplers.
• Include movies/videos.
• Include add-ons/expansions.
• Include new and pre-owned games.
• Don't factor future credit into price.
• Include marketplace listings.

Set your preferences.

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